Sabiana, the indisputable authority in the Air Treatment

Healthcare: Earth, Fire, Water and Air

Conegliano (Province of Treviso)June 16th 2017, During the meeting organized to discuss issues related to hospital structures involved 72 executives of all technical departments of ULSS Veneto, as well as illustrious names of Veneto region healthcare such as Dr. Francesco Benazzi (General Manager of AULSS2 of Treviso) and the architect Antonio Canini (Director of organizational unit of Veneto Hospitals. The focus of this meeting was the analysis of hospital structures through four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

The meeting was organized and sponsored by ULSS2 and SIAIS; ULSS2 is a new hospital company of the province of Treviso while SIAIS (Italian Society of Architecture and Health Engineering) is a company that was founded in the 1980s with the aim of creating a social, cultural and informational exchange network among professionals in the Healthcare Area.

When it came to Air analysis, Sabiana know how and authority was fundamental, highlighting how healthy and clean air is essential in environments like hospitals.