Sabianet, the management program that could manage multiple units.

The program can manage all appliances together from a single computer.

The Program:

Sabiana offers the Sabianet management program for all those cases where it is necessary to control multiple units from a single computer.

The program can manage all appliances together, in blocks or individually, by setting different operating conditions such as speed and temperature set.

With a single mouse you will be able to control the entire network of connected hydronic terminals and verify operation at any time, and change it as needed, even from remote from any internet access.



In buildings with multiple rooms to be cooled or heated, such as Hotels, there is always the issue of operating appliances in each individual room; energy consumption is likely to increase considerably whenever hydronic terminals work without there being any need for it or without suitable control for the room in which it is installed.


The solution:

The Sabianet program allows viewing the operation of each machine and modifying the set value from a single station.

In this way none of the rooms will be “out of control” and the system management will be aimed at individual needs. You will therefore, be able to:

- Reduce energy consumption

- Timely check of the rooms

- Verify operation of the entire system in real time



The Sabianet program runs on a PC that runs on Linux; the program can be managed remotely through any browser after connecting the PC with an Ethernet network cable.

The program can manage every type of Sabiana Fan Coil and, by using appropriate accessories, you will be able to create a network capable of managing all installed units.

By using this program you can:

- Create homogenous blocks of appliances

- Store weekly programs adapted to the different types of system

- Set different operating conditions for individual appliances or groups of appliances

- Switch individual appliances or groups of appliances on and off


The simple program also allows access to the historical data of each appliance, save operating data every 6 hours on SD media or on any media such as a USB pen drive.