Hotels: non smoking rooms?

According to a US study, non smoking hotel rooms are just as polluted as rooms for smokers. In this way, hotel guests and workers breathe harmful particles.

Not really. They are just as polluted as rooms for smokers: "no smoking" hotel rooms are as hazardous as those reserved for cigarette lovers. The findings were revealed by the University of San Diego (USA), in a study published by the "British medical journal", which analysed the surfaces and air quality of rooms in 40 hotels. Ten of these had completely banned smoking in every room, while the others had special rooms for smokers. The surfaces of the no smoking rooms of these hotels had nicotine levels more than twice as high as the rooms of hotels where smoking was banned in all rooms. And the other data not to be overlooked, was that 3-Ethynylpyridine in the air, a harmful substance produced by tobacco combustion, was seven times higher than that found in the other hotels. A problem that the authoritative British journal urges to solve as soon as possible. To protect the health of guests and hotel workers as well. How can the problem be solved in practice? "The Sabiana Crystall filter can eliminate the onset of these risks," says engineer Luigi Bontempi, a professor at Accademia Sabiana and an expert in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), “because it makes it possible to capture and hold all the pollutants in smoke, among others." How? “Thanks to electrical polarisation (positive or negative) of particles, so they are deposited and locked on a surface having the opposite polarity.”