Opening of the new Canteen

Sabiana never ceases to amaze

Today Sabiana Spa, in the historic Corbetta factory, has inaugurated the new Canteen. Another mile stone after the opening of the Showroom last year, an authentic Atelier and Academy of environmental well-being where is possible to touch the latest technologies and achievements in the world of heating, conditioning, ventilation and air treatment and not only. Two training rooms, Training and Learning Room, are built to share and transfer our almost century-long expertise and experience with technicians and business partners.

The new Canteen, adjacent to the exhibition and training space, presents the completion of an ambitious project dedicated to people, both external and internal to the company, putting into practice our mission and vision enclosed in the pay-off: Il Clima Amico. Designed and built according to the latest technological and design standards, with almost obsessive attention to detail and the quality of the materials involved in its realization, the Canteen  also represents a space for sharing ideas and proverbial family conviviality that Sabiana cares about.  Therefore, Sabiana never ceases to amaze and invest in the well-being of its most precious resource - people. After major investments in the production department such as the new fully automated production line of the radiant panels  Duck Strip 4.0 and the brand new powder coating department built according to the criteria of the Industry 4.0 directive,  opening of the Showroom  with the training rooms equipped with the latest audio / video technology, today we are witnessing the completion of this modernization project that we carry in our hearts. On the occasion of the various events related to the ninetieth anniversary that Sabiana organized last year, we had only one Leitmotiv: Ninety is only the beginning. Now it can be say with extreme pride that Sabiana has kept her promise, as always.

But, as we said last year, 90 is just a beginning and Sabiana will continue to amaze you in the future too. To discover other projects we must wait for the next appointment on March 17th on the occasion of the MCE. Like any self-respecting Leader, Sabiana does not stop raising the bar and successfully does not stop reaching its most ambitious goals.