Discover now the new Cool Breeze

Natural air conditioning for large air volumes!

The solution to cool a large volume building during the hot periods of the year is Cool Breeze evaporative cooler.

Today, more than ever, there is particular attention to the quality of the air we breathe in the workplace, Sabiana presents the Cool Breeze evaporative cooler which, in addition to reducing the air temperature, supplies great air changes in large volume buildings, improving the internal micro-climate

The issue

In large volume buildings air conditioning is not always an economically feasible solution due to the need to guarantee great air changes that lead to very expensive systems. However, there is still the need to guarantee a comfortable working environment during the summer season.

The solution

Sabiana offers Cool Breeze Evaporative Coolers:

· 100% fresh air in the building
· Constant air change, no recirculation
· Reduction of viral and bacterial concentrations inside the building
· Decrease of temperature in the building
· Low running costs
· No environment polluting emissions, no refrigerant gas
· Increase of employee productivity, working conditions improvement

Cool Breeze uses nature’s principle of water evaporation to lower the air temperature. External hot air is pulled through water wet pads, reducing its temperature, and then immediately blown into the building through the fan and the air diffuser.
With airflows up to 21.000m3/h Cool Breeze reduces the temperature in the building with very low running costs, given only by the consumption of water (30-50l/h) and the fan motor (1 or 2kW/h).

The application

Cool Breeze is the ideal solution for cooling large volume buildings during the hot periods of the year such as industrial facilities, warehouses, logistics, workshops, box stores, sports facilities, gyms, hospitality, large marquees, horse stables.