Sabiana presents Sky Star Jumbo

Discover the details of Sky Star Jumbo - Air style for large areas!

Sabiana is a leading European company in the design, manufacture and sale of Cassette water fan coils. The environmentally-friendly fluid is used to air-condition any kind of building whilst providing the best possible comfort.

The latest innovation we proudly presented at the recently held Expocomfort 2018 fair and that went into production over the last few months is our new Skystar Jumbo Cassette fan coil. It is available in two new models and in different versions, with performance levels and features that broaden the application of this kind of product to hitherto unthinkable installations.


In rooms with large volumes and very high ceilings, air handing poses issues that are not always easy to solve in summer, but especially in winter. They can lead to ruling out a specific type of fan coils, like Cassette ones, which nevertheless provide one of the best possible solutions to air-condition non-residential settings, in terms of design, sound level and energy consumption.

The solution

Sabiana offers SkyStar Jumbo Cassette fan coils in the ECM version with brushless motor and inverter with the following specifications:

Cooling capacity up to 15 kW (water 7-12°C, air 27°C db - 19°C wb)

Air flow up to 2,500 m3/h

Air throw up to 7.5 m

Installation height up to 5 m (with residual air speed equal to 0.2 m/s).

Motorised direction control fins (optional)

F7 filter (optional)

Cassette fan coils can therefore be installed in very high rooms whilst retaining excellent air diffusion and, at the same time, reducing the number of units. What is more, the inverter-controlled brushless ECM electronic motors maximise energy savings and are extremely quiet.

The new grid design is currently the most elegant solution on the market and perfectly blends in with any architectural solution and any kind of non-residential setting.

SkyStar Jumbo Cassette fan coils can feature motorised fins and can be controlled with digital wall controls or with a remote control. Moreover, thanks to the Modbus board they can also be controlled remotely, integrated in Sabianet management systems or in any other Building Management System (BMS).


Skystar Jumbo is therefore the ideal air-conditioning solution for large, very high rooms such as hotel foyers, shopping centre arcades, car dealers and airports.