NEPTUN air handling units are specifically designed and manufactured with the dual objective of maintaining a correct humidity level inside indoor swimming pools and, at the same time, guaranteeing a high level of comfort for the occupants.

The machines of the NEPTUN series are manufactured with high-level components to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

In addition, all NEPTUN AHUs are fully regulated and equipped with a user-friendly user interface, thus providing constant and precise control of thermo-hygrometric parameters for those operating the system and giving additional peace of mind to pool owners.

The NEPTUN series consists of two configurations: with overlapping sections (Neptun) and vertical with connections on the upper face (Neptun-V).

For each configuration, an HP version is available, which integrates a heat pump refrigeration unit inside, with the aim of improving dehumidification performance and adding an additional recovery stage for increased energy savings.

The NEPTUN-V HP is available in 4 sizes with flow rates up to 5200 m3/h, while the NEPTUN HP is available in 14 sizes with flow rates up to 33500 m3/h.

Sabiana staff are available to guide you in choosing the correct aeraulic and thermo-hygrometric parameters and to select your NEPTUN.