Academy of Science, Institute of Microbiology

The Prague Academy of Sciences was founded towards the end of the 17th century. Today, it can boast several different partnerships with other international scientific research institutions. The structure includes the Institute of Microbiology, which focuses on research in certain specific sectors: physiology, biochemistry, microorganism genetics, molecular biology and microbiology. Other areas of study include: the biodegrading of microorganisms and the symbiotic relationships in biological models and new biotechnological processes. The Institute of Microbiology, to ensure the preservation of its rooms and the sophisticated equipment of these house, asked us to ensure the optimum room temperature whilst reducing air streams. 1,153 Pulsar radiant ceiling panels have been installed, which measure 600 mm wide and between 1.2 and 3 metres in length. The panels have an elegant design and fit perfectly into the structure's false-ceilings. These require only minimal maintenance, and their heating performance has been certified by the leading European laboratory in the sector, located at the University of Stuttgart, in accordance with European standard EN 14037.