Avio Aero is a business of GE Aviation, which operates in design, production and maintenance of components and systems for civil and military aviation. Today the company offers its customers innovative technological solutions in order to quickly respond to constant changes required by the market: additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and cells dedicated to lean manufacturing of transmissions, turbines and combustors.
Avio Aero headquarter is located in Italy and important facilities are in Rivalta di Torino, Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples) and Brindisi. It has more than 4,700 employees worldwide, 4000 of which in Italy, and production industrial plants in Poland, Brazil and China.
Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, and thanks to a strengthened network of relationships with the main universities and international research centers, Avio Aero has developed a globally-recognized excellence in technology and manufacture: this achievement is proved by the world’s leading aeronautics operators-in-partnerships.
The challenge of Avio Aero is to create and develop new architectures that lower energy consumption, make aircraft engines more and more light and allow better performance.
Sabiana supplied Avio Aero with 10 Janus unit heaters, which can be used to economically cool industrial, commercial and sporting facilities, transforming a traditional heating system using unit heaters into a system that can also be used in the summer months, significantly improving the working conditions.