Generali Italia is the new insurance corporation in Italy, founded in 2013 by the merger of insurance activities of Gruppo Generali in Italy, which includes great historical brands that made the history of the insurance: Generali, Toro Assicurazioni, Ina Assitalia, Lloyd Italico and Augusta.

Generali is a young company but rich in insurance experience.

Generali Italia provides people and businesses with a large range of insurance solutions about Life and Loss. It operates through four specialized branches, which stand out for business type: Mogliano Veneto (Life and Businesses), Turin (Cars), Milan (Loss Settlement), Rome (not cars Retail and Institutions). Its agency network also manages more than 500,000 retirement plans and insures more than 1.5 million homes, 200,000 buildings, 900,000 companies and 4 millions vehicles.

For Genova branch Sabiana has provided 55 Carisma CRC fan coils, 82 Cassette Skytar fan coils and 5 unità di trattamento dell’aria Vulcan. For Cagliari brach Sabiana has provided 60 Carisma CRC fan coils.