Sabiana provides the air-conditioning for Varesine Porta Nuova in Milan

The urban and architectural redevelopment of the area covering the Garibaldi, Varesine and Isola neighbourhoods has brought to life a new residential area called Varesine Porta Nuova. The project, considered to be the most important of its type in Europe, has been assigned to property developers Hines Italia, with the architectural work by US firm Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. The architectural complex covers a total area of 340,000 m2 allocated to exclusive offices and homes, and is being constructed strictly in accordance with environmentally-friendly criteria. The three glass and steel buildings are arranged in a semicircle and have different heights. The Unicredit Tower (Torre Pelli) has 31 floors and at 231 metres is the tallest building in Italy. Already LEED gold certified -  the prestigious recognition by the US Green Building Council - it has also been nominated for the 2013 MIPIM (World Property Market) Award, in the best office and business development category, the only Italian project to make it to the final. The spire at the top of the building is 78 metres high and is lined with LED lights that change colour. Tower B has 22 floors and is 100 metres high, while Tower C has 12 floors and is 70 metres high. The redevelopment also includes lawns, squares, bridges and a large park that joins the different residential areas together. As the project has a totally green focus and consequently its objective is to reduce energy costs so as to have the lowest possible impact on the planet, without however compromising on indoor comfort for the occupants of the buildings, to meet all these needs the designers chose Sabiana. Its products have in fact always perfectly combined energy savings and indoor comfort, by exploiting water-source technology, without however neglecting design and elegance. Sabiana supplied the 1800 Carisma ducted fan coils installed in the Unicredit Tower, also known as the Pelli Tower. In the offices in the former Varesine district, 1500 units were installed, plus 500 more in the residential units in Bosco Verticale and Isola. The 3800 Carisma ducted fan coils installed in the buildings in the Varesine Porta Nuova complex guarantee cutting-edge performance in terms of energy consumption, functions, low noise and design. Moreover, they are Eurovent certified.