Sacmi Forni

Leader in the production of thermal machines for the ceramics industry, Sacmi Forni is part of the multinational Sacmi Group. Backed by ongoing research, the company continues to develop industrial machinery with a strong focus on people. It is also very careful about the environment where its employees work. Which is where Sabiana’s expertise comes into play. The Sacmi Forni facilities have been equipped with 1,830 metres of radiant heating strips, ensuring both optimum comfort and considerable energy savings. Indeed, the human body is sensitive to both the temperature of the air and the temperature of the surrounding walls. In spaces heated using radiant heating panels, as the temperature of the walls and the floor are higher than that of spaces heated using direct air heating systems, a comfort temperature can be achieved with significantly lower air temperatures. This in turn means less energy is needed: one less degree means energy savings of around 5%. In addition, 30 Comfort air heaters have also been installed in the facilities.