La Stampa Offices di Via Lugaro

In September 2012, the historical offices of Turin daily La Stampa were moved from Via Marenco 32 to Via Lugaro 15. The new, technologically advanced newsroom, developed with an open space layout in concentric rings, is designed so that all the information workers can see the entire news production process, from paper to digital. The objective is “an attempt to respond to the challenges of information and a world that is changing at an unknown speed”, said Mario Calabresi, the newspaper’s editor. The new office has been equipped with 1,000 Cassette SkyStar-ECM fan coils, featuring the innovative brushless and sensorless electronic motors controlled by inverter board, designed and developed in Italy, ensuring the lowest possible noise, a room temperature that is always near the set point, and power consumption equivalent to one quarter of that of traditional appliances.