Security and quality during installation of chimneys

Presentation of Sabiana products: features of ATLAS unit heaters; new CARISMA FLY fan coil unit: technical features, benefits and application; UNI 7129 - 08 norm: pipes setting - Clarification about the usage of INOX flexible metal hose - location of discharge units - new outlet funnel - flue system quotation (dormer and skylight) - CE characteristics for the security of chimneys - Chimneys constructions for cooking vapours - With the new 7129 it is necessary to consider the exhaust cooking vapours as a chimney for the diischarge of combustion products. It is necessary to use appropriate products - How to dimension and how to build - solid fuels / roof fire created by chimneys / How to prevent it. UNI 10638/2012 norm. Law n. 90 of 04 August 2013: methane condensing with wall-mounted exhaust and biomasses appliances - Reference legislation. How to build a chimney for condensing boile. Dimensioning of the material and condensatoin disposal.