The Motors institute of the National Research Council carry out research for basic and supporting technological development in the energy conversion and environmental protection industries since its foundation in 1940. The branch of main interest is termal engines, in using them to propel land, naval and air force vehicles, as well as in stationary power generation plants.

The Institute has a double mission, firstly oriented to the continuous in-depth analysis of the thermo-fluid dynamics and chemical phenomena that are the basics for energy systems’ working; on the other hand it focuses on development and innovation. A further task of the Institute is high-level and pre- and post- graduation continuing education courses, which takes place through the direct involvement of the research staff: it supervises the activities of undergraduates, fellows and graduate students from various Italian and foreign universities. The results of the activities are divulgated through reports editing, scientific papers publication in professional journals, conferences organization, training days and seminars.

Sabiana has supplied 200 Skystar fac coils, the result of significant technical and design research focused on providing an avant-garde product in terms of performance, low noise and control flexibility.