The Padova Botanical Garden, founded in 1545, is the world’s oldest university garden, and since 1997 has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

More than 450 years after its opening, the complex has been upgraded by developing the existing areas and adding a further 15,000 square metres, with five glass and steel greenhouses inside a 100-metre-long glass and steel tunnel.

Each greenhouse offers a perfect reproduction of one of the world’s climatic regions, from the warmest and most fertile to the most extreme areas. Technology allows the greenhouses to live their own life, indeed “the greenhouse building behaves as if it were a plant. In other words, it breathes, purifies the air, generates energy and captures water”, explained architect Giorgio Strapazzon from VS Associati, the firm responsible for the design of the new Botanical Garden.

The air-conditioning throughout the greenhouse building was provided by Sabiana, which installed 4 HELIOS air heaters, designed to meet specific aesthetic needs and standing out for the particularly detailed and pleasant design of the extruded aluminium casing, and 18 COMFORT air heaters, designed and built for ceiling-hung installation with vertical air outlet, suitable for heating very high spaces (16/18 metres).

The new Botanical Garden will be one of the highlights presented at the Italy Pavilion during Expo 2015.