PALAZZO Mediobanca

Founded in 1946 Mediobanca is a merger of three state-controlled banks (Comit, Credit and Banco di Roma). It was intended to promote the reconstruction and development of the Italian industry. During its life Mediobanca has forged strong relationships with leading industrial families in the country whose support to development has been also given through direct stock investments. Thus Mediobanca participated in Italian industries reorganization, privatization and internationalization process , supporting its access to the assets market.

Today in Italy Mediobanca is leader in investment banking with branches in Mexico City, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris; in Italy it is the first operator in the consumer credit; in addiction It is one of the major online banks with CheBanca!, the multi-channel retail banking of the group. Sabiana supplied 100 Carisma CRC fan coils, that meets today’s demanding requirements of performance, size, acoustics, low energy, ease of installation and maintenance.